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Divergent Drive is an innovative and high powered sales and marketing firm. We are a dynamic, proficient, and progressive organization that believes in the ongoing growth and development of our team.

With the power of creativity and innovation, we present our clients with industry-specific strategies that help them grow their businesses. Our combination of imagination, originality, and work ethic guarantees astounding results.


Destination determines the path we take. A clear objective is essential for achieving success. One factor that has enabled us to flourish is our objective. Everyone at Divergent Drive works wholeheartedly and sincerely in the achievement of our goals.


Committed team players, happy and satisfied clientele, exciting projects, encouraged and appreciated staff is the mission of Divergent Drive.


Our ideas, your solutions.

We care about our clients and their requirements. Our firm strongly focuses on the needs of our clients and delivers them tailored solutions. When you decide to work with Divergent Drive, you will get expert market predictions, innovative ideas, best sales, and above all, a team that goes above and beyond.

We encourage and recognize the abilities of our employees and help them in honing their talents to perfection.  Our training and development programs pave the way for dynamic leadership as well as an effective team.


At Divergent Drive, our #1 focus is to create an environment of constant learning, where everybody is motivated, inspired, and ready to go the extra mile.

Great marketing is a pivotal factor in the success of a business. Excellent marketing strategies make for an engaging audience and gives your business an edge over the competition. 

In the field of marketing and sales, we are a class apart. Divergent Drive is a focused and ambitious firm that delivers what it promises.




Nabil Shamsher, an executive as well as a professional, was born and raised in Queens, New York City. He attended the University of Virginia, where he studied statistics. After finishing his studies, he pursued a career in the sales and marketing world, and gained experience specifically in the face-to-face marketing industry.  

His ultimate interest lies in uplifting people to reach their potential, due to which he was able to take multiple leadership and managerial roles throughout his career. 


Our team is our biggest asset. A robust and thriving group of people can enable a company to achieve success by leaps and bounds. Divergent Drive is a firm that values and empowers its individuals by continuously investing in their development.   

Our working motto is to empower people to achieve everything they want. We believe an efficient team in a progressive environment can achieve long-term success. A happy, driven, and creative individual is what Divergent Drive wants. 


1395 Piccard Dr Suite 110, Rockville, MD 20850

(571) 766-8124

Mon - Fri    9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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